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autopsyau‧top‧sy /ˈɔːtɒpsi $ ˈɒːtɑːp-/ noun (plural autopsies) [countable] especially American English  an examination of a dead body to discover the cause of death syn post mortem British English an autopsy report
Examples from the Corpus
autopsyIt was the smoke, an autopsy revealed, that killed Evan, not injuries from the crash.Often the police were vindicated before autopsies were completed.Appalling Others show real-life autopsies, filmed for medical purposes, showing the removal of human eyes, tongues and scalps.He conceded to Franceschelli that actually being present during the autopsy might have given him better information to form an opinion.If she died of a drug overdose, it will show up in the autopsy.Clark based his opinions on reviews of the autopsy reports and other information from the case.If that had happened to Riddle, when Franks performed the autopsy he would find it.
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