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autumnalau‧tum‧nal /ɔːˈtʌmnəl $ ɒː-/ adjective  TMCrelating to or typical of autumn autumnal colours
Examples from the Corpus
autumnalSimilarly, in the second movement there is no warmth of phrase, no atmosphere, no autumnal beauty.autumnal colorsIt had been a warm autumnal day in early October and she, Alex and her father were working in the garden.The taste itself is autumnal, earthy, like that of a pecan or walnut.An autumnal garden bordered by shrubs ... a maid, Paula, trimming them.The springtime delicacy of their budding stands in terrific contrast to the autumnal head beneath.This was his St Martin's summer, an autumnal madness, nothing that the first cold of winter couldn't wither.The leaves of herb Robert were changing already to an autumnal red.Although today began with a cool, misty, autumnal twist, it turned out gloriously fine and bright.
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