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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishauxiliaryaux‧il‧ia‧ry1 /ɔːɡˈzɪljəri, ɔːk- $ ɒːɡˈzɪljəri, -ˈzɪləri/ adjective  1 WORKERauxiliary workers provide additional help for another group of workers an auxiliary nurse auxiliary staff2 Tan auxiliary motor, piece of equipment etc is kept ready to be used if the main one stops working properly an auxiliary power supply auxiliary equipment
Examples from the Corpus
auxiliarySo, as an alternative to the implantation of alien or artificial hearts, Daedalus is devising a new auxiliary blood-pump.During the War he had been an auxiliary coastguard.But the policy did not extend to auxiliary components like the Orion chipset.Other auxiliary devices are indicated in Figure 14.8.It passes through many of the abandoned towns that at one time served auxiliary functions to the mines of Tombstone.the auxiliary generatorThere was even an auxiliary lot to take up the overflow.Gilfoyle, 31-year-old auxiliary nurse at a private hospital, has pleaded not guilty to murdering his eight-month pregnant wife, Paula.auxiliary pilotsJackson said an auxiliary power unit that froze up on ascent is now working.
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auxiliaryauxiliary2 noun (plural auxiliaries) [countable]  1 WORKERa worker who provides additional help for another group of workers a nursing auxiliary2 SLGan auxiliary verb a modal auxiliary
Examples from the Corpus
auxiliaryAn auxiliary listed under a given number may be applied to any subdivision of that number.These cover nursing auxiliaries, enrolled nurses, staff nurses, sisters and clinical specialists.Baldwin was an important but fairly silent auxiliary to MacDonald.The companion ladder, engine box and associated panels are very easy to remove, giving excellent access to the auxiliary.Get up in the morning, clean the parish house kitchen from what the auxiliary cooked the night before.The auxiliary for the Symphony is holding a fund-raising party on Saturday.The auxiliaries can be divided into signs and subdivisions and are listed in Figure 14.8.The auxiliaries offer a series of facets and facet indicators which permit flexible synthesis.
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