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avail yourself of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishavail yourself of somethingavail yourself of somethingformalACCEPTUSE something to accept an offer or use an opportunity to do something How many schools avail themselves of this opportunity each year? avail
Examples from the Corpus
avail yourself of somethingAvail yourself of every opportunity to learn.It demonstrates that in the post-Cold War world, middle powers can avail themselves of new power to build coalitions.Mrs Foster encouraged the staff to avail themselves of the lodge's delights.Gaining New Clients - How to avail yourself of the opening of all public contracts to businesses throughout the Community.The Sergeant availed himself of the other.A formal hearing may be dispensed with if the parties do not wish to avail themselves of their right to have one.Anyone wishing to avail themselves of this facility should contact the Hotel direct.Many high-income people can reduce their income tax liabilities very substantially by availing themselves of this loophole.Gandhi availed himself of Western and Eastern methods.
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