a‧vail‧a‧ble S1 W1
1 something that is available is able to be used or can easily be bought or found:
Tickets are available from the box office.
available to
Not enough data is available to scientists.
available to do something
Funds are available to assist teachers who want to attend the conference.
available for
No figures are available for the number of goods sold.
available in
There are plenty of jobs available in the area.
readily/widely available (=very easy to obtain)
Parking is readily available near the station entrance.
Meetings were held to update employees as soon as new information became available.
Further building can continue when money is made available.
Every available space on the wall was covered in pictures.
2 [not before noun] someone who is available is not busy and has enough time to talk to you:
Collins was not available for comment on Thursday night.
3 someone who is available does not have a wife, boyfriend etc, and therefore may want to start a new romantic relationship with someone else
availability noun [uncountable]
the availability of affordable housing
Rooms are offered subject to availability.

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