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avant-gardeav‧ant-garde /ˌævɒŋ ˈɡɑːd◂ $ ˌævɑːŋ ˈɡɑːrd◂/ adjective  1 AMODERNavant-garde music, literature etc is extremely modern and often seems strange or slightly shocking an avant-garde play2 the avant-garde
Examples from the Corpus
avant-gardeWest Berlin's theatres are often avant-garde and experimental; those in the east have tended towards more classical interpretations.His vision was riveted to one vanishing point on a particular horizon, and that was the story of avant-garde art.an exhibition of work by avant-garde artists and sculptorsHis paintings are rather too avant-garde for my tastes.The relativist paradigm of the twentieth century has determined the form of our avant-garde literature.Although she likes avant-garde music, Lydia also plays classical guitar and piano.The 1900 Secession exhibition was significantly international, but still included only a minority of avant-garde paintings.Olsson trained in the late 1970s at the University of Arizona, where she was part of the avant-garde Paradise Group.But another scholar speculates that the figure was carved by a reclusive, avant-garde sculptor.It is a moot point which of these avant-garde strategies has been the more effective.I can teach, do my creative avant-garde work which I love, as well as dealing with clients and performing on stage.
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