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avenueav‧e‧nue /ˈævənjuː $ -nuː/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 Avenue2 WAY/METHODa possible way of achieving something The president wants to explore every avenue towards peace in the region. There are many avenues open to researchers.3 British EnglishTTRROAD/PATH a road or broad path between two rows of trees, especially one leading to a big house a tree-lined avenue
Examples from the Corpus
avenueIt's either an avenue or a road, right?On the dark avenue, not a car, not a lit window.The great avenues of live oaks meant to grace their approaches now just cast a damp shade.Whatever the reason, once the journey on that path is commenced, the martial artist can travel down many avenues.Instead, punk gave metal merchants a new avenue to enter the music world.In advancing the tenets of racism, Western theorists left no avenue of human potentiality and human activity untouched.We explored every possible avenue, but still couldn't come up with a solution.Sherman AvenueThey drove through the gates and up the avenue of ancient lime trees.
AvenueAvenueTTRused in the names of streets in a town or city Fifth Avenue Shaftesbury Avenue avenue
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