Date: 1600-1700
Language: French
Origin: avenir 'to come up to', from Latin advenire; ADVENTURE


Related topics: Roads
av‧e‧nue S3 [countable]


TTR used in the names of streets in a town or city:
Fifth Avenue
Shaftesbury Avenue
2 a possible way of achieving something:
The president wants to explore every avenue towards peace in the region.
There are many avenues open to researchers.
3 British EnglishTTR a road or broad path between two rows of trees, especially one leading to a big house:
a tree-lined avenue
a big road: main road, highway, motorway British English, freeway American English, expressway, turnpike American English, interstate American English, A-road British English

a road in a town: street, avenue, boulevard

a road in the countryside: country road, lane, track

a road you pay to use: toll road

parts of a road: fast lane, slow lane, hard shoulder British English/shoulder American English, central reservation British English/median strip American English, pavement British English/sidewalk American English

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