1 adjective
av‧e‧rage1 S2 W2
1 the average amount is the amount you get when you add together several quantities and divide this by the total number of quantities:
The age of the candidates ranged from 29 to 49 with an average age of 37.
The average cost of making a movie has risen by 15%.
Last winter was colder than average.
The cars were being sold at an average price of $11000.
2 an average amount or quantity is not unusually big or small:
They have an average-size front garden and a large rear garden.
of average height/build/intelligence etc
He was in his late twenties and of average height.
3 having qualities that are typical of most people or things:
The average American has not even thought about next year's election.
In an average week I drive about 250 miles.
4 neither very good nor very bad

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