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3 verb
average3 [linking verb]
1 to usually do something or usually happen a particular number of times, or to usually be a particular size or amount:
The water in the lake is not particularly deep, averaging about 12 metres.
The airport averages about a thousand flights a month.
Inflation averaged just under 2.8% per year.
2 to calculate the average of figures:
The rate of growth was averaged over a period of three years.

average out

phrasal verb
1 if something averages out at a particular figure, it has that figure as an average over a period of time
average out at
Training costs for last year averaged out at £5,100 per trainee.
The government's share of the cost was intended to average out at 25%.

average something ↔ out

to calculate the average of something:
I averaged out the total increase at about 10%.

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