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avert your eyes/gaze etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishavert your eyes/gaze etcavert your eyes/gaze etcLOOK AFTER somebodyto look away from something so that you do not see it Henry averted his eyes as she undressed. avert
Examples from the Corpus
avert your eyes/gaze etcArt, it seems, is the perpetual recidivist, always ducking back into the aesthetic as soon as vigilant life averts its gaze.I wish I had power, just power enough to avert my eyes.I averted my gaze and felt uncomfortable.Sometimes Fate tiptoes discreetly at the margins of our lives, averting her eyes and keeping her distance.I averted my eyes from her.He stepped into the aisle, averting his eyes from the altar.In it the artist portrays a disheveled thirty-one-year-old Morisot averting her gaze from the viewer.They avert their eyes when they pass her in the hall.
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