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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishavionicsa‧vi‧on‧ics /ˌeɪviˈɒnɪks $ -ˈɑːn-/ noun [uncountable] technical  the electronic equipment used in aircraft and the science of developing it
Examples from the Corpus
avionicsIts activities were largely focused on telecommunications, the heavy electrical sector and on defence electronics and avionics.Ferranti's naval and avionics businesses are thought to have a turnover of about £500m.Deliveries complete with Collins avionics will be at the rate of one per month commencing in Jul 1979.The latter and associated rubber air pipes caught alight and set the main avionics loom on fire.Directly below the avionics is the power quadrant with its pairs of throttles, pitch and mixture levers.Ground training focuses on how to use the avionics.It includes a full digital fly-by-wire avionics system.
From Longman Business Dictionaryavionicsav‧i‧on‧ics /ˌeɪviˈɒnɪksˌeɪviˈɑːnɪks, ˌæv-/ noun [uncountable]MANUFACTURING1the electronic equipment used in an aircraft2the science used to develop this equipment
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