Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old North French
Origin: awaitier, from waitier; WAIT1


a‧wait [transitive]
1 to wait for something:
Several men are awaiting trial for robbery.
see usage note wait1
2 if a situation, event etc awaits you, it is going to happen in the future:
A terrible surprise awaited them at Mr Tumnus' house.

wait, expect, look forward to, await
Wait means to stay somewhere or not do something until something comes, happens etc I'm waiting to hear from Dan before I arrange my trip.Expect means to believe that something will come, happen etc The police are expecting (NOT waiting) trouble.Look forward to means to be excited and pleased about something that is going to happen I'm looking forward to getting his letter.!! Wait is never followed directly by a noun. You must say wait for She was waiting for a bus (NOT waiting a bus).In formal English, you can use await, which is followed directly by a noun We are awaiting your instructions.See also wait

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