Language: Old English
Origin: gewær, from wær; WARY


a‧ware S1 W1 [not before noun]
1 if you are aware that a situation exists, you realize or know that it exists
aware of
The children are aware of the danger of taking drugs.
Mr Braley has been made aware of the need for absolute secrecy.
aware that
Were you aware that Joe had this problem with his knee?
well/fully/acutely aware
They were well aware that the company was losing money.
As you are aware, a fee will be charged annually.
2 if you are aware of something, you notice it, especially because you can see, hear, feel or smell it
aware of
She was aware of a tall dark figure watching her.
He was aware of the wind in his face.
aware that
Bill became aware that he was still holding his glass.
3 understanding a lot about what is happening around you and paying attention to it, especially because you realize possible dangers and problems
politically/socially/environmentally etc aware
the socially aware novels of Dickens
We should promote environmentally aware and responsible science.

so/as far as I am aware

spoken used when you are saying something that you think is true, although you might be wrong because you do not know all the facts:
As far as I am aware, they are a happily married couple.

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