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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishawarea‧ware /əˈweə $ əˈwer/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL adjective [not before noun]  1 KNOW somebodyif you are aware that a situation exists, you realize or know that it existsaware of The children are aware of the danger of taking drugs. Mr Braley has been made aware of the need for absolute secrecy.aware that Were you aware that Joe had this problem with his knee?well/fully/acutely aware They were well aware that the company was losing money. As you are aware, a fee will be charged annually.2 NOTICEif you are aware of something, you notice it, especially because you can see, hear, feel, or smell itaware of She was aware of a tall dark figure watching her. He was aware of the wind in his face.aware that Bill became aware that he was still holding his glass.3 UNDERSTANDunderstanding a lot about what is happening around you and paying attention to it, especially because you realize possible dangers and problemspolitically/socially/environmentally etc aware the socially aware novels of Dickens We should promote environmentally aware and responsible science.4 so/as far as I am aware
Examples from the Corpus
awareBut family therapists are also aware how profoundly these swarms of narratives can affect what we see and therefore how we live.She was aware of a feeling of acute pain; she was in panic; she was terrified that she might scream.Facing him across the bleached wooden plank, Melissa became aware of an extraordinary change in his manner.This was, in fact, standard practice and Barratt was fully aware of it.Once it is aware of the adventurers, the Poltergeist will try its best to assault them anywhere within the tower.She was no longer aware of the people around her, only of herself and the storm.Television news directors and producers are well aware of this fascination, and almost universally favor the idea of televising actual trials.well/fully/acutely awareBut Gorlin and Packer said doctors have been well aware for 20 years of how to administer the drug safely.Make sure everyone's fully aware of kidnap drill.I am well aware of my hon. Friend's constituency interest as I visited that company and know how good it is.Jody is fully aware of the dynamic.When one uses films for teaching, it is important that the teacher is fully aware of the films that are available.Executives are acutely aware of the pressure that is building on their company.It will be a guy from Pittsburgh who is acutely aware that the world is watching.The men who tended the garden were well aware that to modern eyes this planting scheme was gaudy and banal.became awareAnd slowly, slowly, so gradually that it was barely perceptible, the watchers became aware of a change.Uncertain which way to go, Benny gradually became aware of a gentle breeze blowing from the right.Sheila became aware of the hem of her dress slowly rising.He became aware of the pulse throbbing in his head.He knelt by my bed, watching me until I became aware of the sound of his harsh breathing.I became aware of two things.Then h e became aware that Pete was very close to him.Then I became aware that the bank of white clouds beyond was in reality the great ice-cap of Vatnajökull.politically/socially/environmentally etc awareIndividuals are power-oriented and politically aware.The most environmentally aware age group was under 24 or between 35 and 44.We should choose to promote environmentally aware and responsible science - as well as to prioritise investment in environmental science itself.Both emerged from fertile local music scenes and were led by strong, politically aware black leaders.But trainee advisers who are socially aware can still use that information for Joseph's benefit.What evolutionary advantage has this extra effort conferred on cats? a. Cats are fiercely territorial but very socially aware creatures.I am much more aware of oppression and racism now, more socially aware, more into doing things to help people.By the end of 1987 West Bank villagers were hardly less politically aware than their urban counterparts.
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