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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishawasha‧wash /əˈwɒʃ $ əˈwɒːʃ, əˈwɑːʃ/ adjective [not before noun]  1 WETcovered with water or another liquid2 TOO/TOO MUCHcontaining too many things or people of a particular kindawash with All the pavements were awash with rubbish.
Examples from the Corpus
awashThe ship leaned further to starboard and soon the decks were awash.The hull was holed in several places and the vessel was awash.The toilet leaks, leaving the bathroom floor awash in slimy water.Mark realized what he was doing and left the chapel awash with confusion.Meantime, Adelaide had become awash with journalists.Patrese's move was expected; the grapevine's been awash with rumour over next year's Williams line-up.Resources are stretched to the limit and, unless some one helps, the country will be awash with tears on Christmas morning.The public reception area, a strange mixture of green neon and granite, is awash with the sound of running water.The backstage area at G-Mex was awash with unadulterated sycophancy.
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