Language: Old English
Origin: onweg, aweg, from on + weg 'way'


1 adverb
Related topics: Sport
a‧way1 S1 W1
1 used to say that someone leaves a place or person, or stays some distance from a place or person:
Go away!
Dinah was crying as she drove slowly away.
away from
Stay away from the fire.
2 towards a different direction:
She turned away and stared out of the window.
Charley blushed and looked away, embarrassed.
3 if someone is away from school, work, or home, they are not there [= absent]:
Simon is away with flu.
Kate is away on holiday.
away from
You must bring a note from your parents if you've been away from school.
4 used to say how far it is to a place or thing
five miles/10 feet etc away
Geneva is about 20 miles away.
There's another hotel not far away.
away from
She was sitting ten feet away from the microphone.
five minutes/two hours etc away
The beach is only five minutes away (=it only takes five minutes to get there).
5 if an event is two days, three weeks etc away, it will happen after that period of time has passed:
Christmas is only a month away.
6 used to say how close someone is to achieving something or experiencing something
away from
At one stage, they were just two points away from victory.
7XX into or in a safe or enclosed place:
Put your money away, I'm paying.
Thousands of archaeological treasures are being kept hidden away.
8XX used to show that something disappears or is removed:
The music died away.
Ruben gave all his money away to charity.
Support for the Democrats has dropped away.
Cut away all the dead wood.
9 used to emphasize that an action continues:
Sue was singing away to herself in the bath.
They've been hammering away all day.
10 used to say that someone spends the whole of a period of time doing something:
You can dance the night away in one of Benidorm's many discos.
11DS if a team is playing away, it is playing a game at its opponent's field or sports hall [≠ at home]:
Liverpool are playing away at Everton on Saturday.

➔ far and away

at far1 (12)

; ➔ right away

at right3 (2)

; ➔ straight away

at straight1 (7)

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