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ldoce_013_cawningaw‧ning /ˈɔːnɪŋ $ ˈɒː-/ noun [countable]  ldoce_013.png TBBSHOP/STOREa sheet of material outside a shop, tent etc to keep off the sun or the rain
Examples from the Corpus
awningIts bright-painted metal girders hang like an awning above its roof.Susan stood under an awning and read the extra.We were served trout plucked from the river specially for us, under an awning on a wooden balcony overhanging the water.He thought that they would be happier under the cockpit awning than they had been in the water.The taxi drew to a halt where a purple awning reached out to the edge of the pavement.Most of them had shingled awnings borne on prominent brackets projecting over their simple wooden platforms.Not covered: the flying stone ripped the awnings.The backdrop was a gay red and white awning over a little blue-painted restaurant.
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