Date: 1300-1400
Origin: babe


1 noun
Related topics: Babies, Animals, Children, Family
ba‧by1 S1 W1 plural babies [countable]

young child

SSC a very young child who has not yet learned to speak or walkCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
have a baby (=give birth to a baby) give birth to a baby (=used when you are talking about the act of childbirth) be expecting a baby (=be pregnant) deliver a baby (=help a woman to give birth to a baby) newborn/new baby premature baby (=a baby that is born too early) unborn baby (=a baby still inside its mother) baby boy/girl baby son/daughter baby brother/sister
The baby is crying.
Julie's second baby was born when they lived in Washington.
She gave birth to a baby on Thursday.
It's hard work moving house when you're expecting a baby.
Dr Coleman has delivered hundreds of babies.
How do you recognize pain in a newborn baby?
premature babies needing special medical care
Jane had a baby boy this morning.
What do you think of your new baby sister?
the effects of alcohol on the unborn baby
test-tube baby

young animal

HBAHBP a very young animal:
baby birds


a type of vegetable which is grown to be much smaller than usual or is eaten before it has grown to its normal size:
baby carrots
baby sweetcorn


SSF a younger child in a family, often the youngest:
Clare is the baby of the family.


a) used to address someone that you love:
Relax baby, we're on holiday.
b) not polite used to address a young woman that you do not know

silly person

someone, especially an older child, who is not behaving in a brave way:
Don't be a baby!


something special that someone has developed or is responsible for:
Don't ask me about the building contract - that's Robert's baby.


informal something, especially a piece of equipment or a machine, that you care about a lot:
This baby can reach speeds of 130 miles per hour.

➔ throw the baby out with the bathwater

at throw1 (37)

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