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back and forth

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishback and forthback and forthMOVE something OR somebodygoing in one direction and then in the opposite direction, and repeating this several times We travel back and forth all the time between Canada and England. He was pacing back and forth. back
Examples from the Corpus
back and forthThe chair squeaks when you rock back and forth.They passed it back and forth.This gives you the freedom to move back and forth and swing your arm - you must feel free!To switch back and forth between the two documents, press Shift-F3.My feet hurt, and the side window waggled back and forth each time I kicked it, but nothing else happened.A few of the mounts shifted their feet; here and there a rider slid his sword back and forth in its scabbard.It goes back and forth though.Petey heard him trying to brave it out, rocking back and forth to make the pain subside.The road twisted, two lanes of blacktop angling back and forth up the side of the mountain.Brach flies back and forth weekly, between New York and L.A.
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