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back rent/taxes/pay etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishback rent/taxes/pay etcback rent/taxes/pay etcMONEYmoney that someone owes from an earlier date back
Examples from the Corpus
back rent/taxes/pay etcA former landlord said she was still owed several thousand dollars in back rent.He owes $ 10,000 in back taxes.I needed a release from the tax office showing that I owed no back taxes.Look, she said, he's left, bolted, owing three months' back rent.Next: What to do when you can not afford to pay back taxes.Homar sued for reinstatement of his job, back pay and money damages.The Internal Revenue Service has been battling him for years for back taxes and penalties related to one venture.Dave Escott bought at the height of the boom, and any back rent will only add to his negative equity.
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