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back seat

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back seatˌback ˈseat noun  1 [countable]TTC a seat at the back of a car, behind where the driver sits2 back seat driver3 take a back seat
Examples from the Corpus
back seatBut when they were introduced, everything upstairs had to take a back seat.Many feel reluctant to take a back seat and allow their children to enjoy the special attractiveness of the teens and twenties.So when Andrew started seeing Sarah, the Princess took a back seat.He puts me in the back seat with my coat over my knees.She and Jack were in the back seat and Fogarty was driving.She pulled-him out slowly as Miguel grabbed the box and tossed it into the back seat.Reno unfolded herself, pushed her bulk out of the car, and peeled her dresses off the back seat.Flustered, she reversed, and the groceries she had bought enroute fell off the back seat and flopped to the floor.
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