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back street/lane/road etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishback street/lane/road etcback street/lane/road etcTTRROAD/PATHa street etc that is away from the main streets a short cut down a back lane back
Examples from the Corpus
back street/lane/road etcNow they left the main road for the quieter, dimmer back streets.People always honk at me for that so I try to take the back roads.A far better alternative was to walk the back roads and country lanes.That afternoon I drove nonstop over the back roads of Ames and Bern townships.And this was how many such agents lived, in rooms in the back streets of cities.I have found one must speak slowly to people who live in the back streets of London.Iain and Tommy drank together on the back streets of Pinner.The back lane, roughly on the line of the original through road, is exactly that.
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