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back to basics

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishback to basicsback to basicsused to describe a return to teaching or doing the most important or simplest things A lot of parents want schools to get back to basics. basics
Examples from the Corpus
back to basicsThis month's personal finance column therefore takes a back to basics look at expatriate tax.Last Wednesday was all about back to basics and glimpses of optimism.His party claims to be the party of law and order, the family, back to basics.A constructive response to the Howie Report would be more pertinent than saloon-bar simplicities about getting back to basics.Now, however, it seems that the route to success may once again involve going back to basics.Try to counter nervousness by getting right back to basics.In other words, forget your fancy gender studies: the neo-Darwinists were marching us back to basics.
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