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back to front

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishback to frontback to frontBritish English a) in an incorrect position so that what should be at the back is at the front You’ve got your sweater on back to front. b) doing something the wrong way round and starting with the part that should be at the end He got the commands back to front and the program didn’t work. back
Examples from the Corpus
back to frontDan appeared in jeans, wearing his cap backward as usual.The crowd was crammed shoulder to shoulder and back to front on the shrinking piece of roadway.It was all wrong and back to front, but no one could say the old baggage lacked for courage.But supposing X-rays were normally displayed back to front or the way one looked at the person?I had an arrow right through my body from back to front somewhere in the region of my lower ribs.Row 1: Bring needle from back to front of work through the stitch below the first stitch to be worked.They're boys' hips, girls' hips, front to front, back to front.You've got your sweater on back to front.And can you fool them, by planting them back to front?Papers are missing from each and the sheets inside have been turned back to front, and at angles.
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