4 adjective
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back4 S2 W3 [only before noun]
1 at or in the back of something [≠ front]:
You'll be sleeping in the back bedroom.
Turn to the back page.
I keep my keys in my back pocket.
There was the sound of giggling from the back row.
The rabbit had one of its back legs caught in a trap.
back door
2 behind something, especially a building [≠ front]:
the back garden
We left by the back gate.
3 from the back:
The back view of the hotel was even less appealing than the front.

back street/lane/road etc

TTR a street etc that is away from the main streets:
a short cut down a back lane

back rent/taxes/pay etc

money that someone owes from an earlier date

back issue/copy/number

TCN a copy of a magazine or newspaper from an earlier date
7SL technical a back vowel sound is made by lifting your tongue at the back of your mouth

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