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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbackbenchesback‧benches /ˌbækˈbentʃɪz/ noun   the backbenches
Examples from the Corpus
backbenchesThe Government faces opposition from its backbenches on the question of quality.For these reasons, the Conservatives are a little more responsive to widespread expressions of serious doubt on their own backbenches.I love my constituency and will do all I can to advance the interests of my constituents from the backbenches.When the election was won, most handsomely, Pym found himself on the backbenches.The whispering on the backbenches began again.The barrage of public anger was intense, Mr Whitney returned to the backbenches not long afterwards.The Essex Men had mobilised on the Tory backbenches in strength.The Labour Party had put down a vote of censure and there was much rumbling on the Tory backbenches.
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