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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbacklessback‧less /ˈbækləs/ adjective  a backless dress, swimsuit etc does not cover much or any of a woman’s back
Examples from the Corpus
backlessI waited, sitting as quietly and unobtrusively as possible on the low backless benches in front of the ground-floor lobby windows.She would have turned heads anywhere in a navy blue backless dress which rose just above her knee.There, in the smoky crowd, you might encounter Marlene Dietrich in a backless gown or the novelist Sybil Bedford.Although I doubt even Camilla would wear the backless Lycra frock that this woman almost had on.To go with it she wore a turquoise-and-gray-striped apron and matching backless slippers.The black taffeta silk ballgown was strapless and backless with a plunging, gravity-defying decolletage.
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