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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbackstreetback‧street1 /ˈbækstriːt/ adjective [only before noun]  SCLILLEGALbackstreet activities are done in a secret or illegal way, and are often done badly a backstreet abortion
Examples from the Corpus
backstreetA hot new pachinko machine from a backstreet maker in Osaka has taken the underworld by storm.
backstreetbackstreet2, back street noun [countable]  a small quiet street that is away from the main part of a town
Examples from the Corpus
backstreetThe other provides amazingly quick service - from an incomplete concrete house frame in a backstreet.Three beer-befuddled construction workers played softball with my head in a backstreet on the mistaken assumption that I was Tom Tunney.Frankie had left home and was now living in lodgings in a little backstreet near the pub they were sitting in.One hour later the sonorous tones of Dame Melba's singing resonated through a little backstreet near the river.From there, a quiet backstreet led to the rear entrance of her apartment block.
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