back‧wards S2 also backward American English
1 in the direction that is behind you [≠ forwards]:
Hannah took a step backward.
She pushed me and I fell backwards into the chair.
2 towards the beginning or the past [≠ forwards]:
Count backwards from 100.
3 with the back part in front:
Your T-shirt is on backwards.
4 towards a worse state [≠ forwards]:
The new measures are seen by some as a major step backwards.

backwards and forwards

first in one direction and then in the opposite direction, usually many times:
Kip stumbled backwards and forwards before falling down.

bend/lean over backwards (to do something)

to try as hard as possible to help or please someone:
City officials bent over backwards to help downtown businesses.

know something backwards

British English

; know something backwards and forwards

American English to know something very well or perfectly:
She practiced her part until she knew it backwards and forwards.

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