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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbackwardsback‧wards /ˈbækwədz $ -wərdz/ ●●● S3 (also backward /-wəd $ -wərd/ American English) adverb  1 in the direction that is behind you opp forwards Hannah took a step backward. She pushed me and I fell backwards into the chair.2 BACK/BACKWARDSORDER/SEQUENCEtowards the beginning or the past opp forwards Count backwards from 100.3 BACK/BACKWARDSwith the back part in front Your T-shirt is on backwards.4 PROGRESStowards a worse state opp forwards The new measures are seen by some as a major step backwards.5 backwards and forwards6 bend/lean over backwards (to do something)7 know something backwards
Examples from the Corpus
backwardsCan you say the alphabet backwards?The wooden end caught Nogai in the face, and he pitched over backwards.He was supposed to be the leader in this assignment, but how could a man lead going backwards?I felt when I came here that I was going backwards.She gently rocked the baby backwards and forwards.Stepping backwards, Harry trod on the foot of the woman behind him.Sarah fell backwards in the snow.So I push him backwards into the mountain of stinking rubbish, and he sinks down on it.Madame Arcati was springing on to tables, falling backwards off stools and dancing eccentric tangos.In practice, the operator jumps forwards and backwards within the pattern indicated on the chart rechecking some decisions and anticipating others.