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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbackwashback‧wash /ˈbækwɒʃ $ -wɒːʃ, -wɑːʃ/ noun [uncountable]  1 a backward flow of water, caused by an oar, wave etc2 the bad situation that remains after something bad has happened the backwash of the company’s failure
Examples from the Corpus
backwashAlthough most directly affecting secondary schools, this constraint has a backwash effect on primary schools.But the development of continuing education must eventually have a backwash effect on initial professional education at the undergraduate stage.There is a backwash to all this, however: as a stage-show they are less than shadow-puppets on the wall.A backwash of heated air caressed Jaq's face.Perhaps the most important issue, however, is the possibility of causing curriculum backwash.Sterling was caught in the backwash of a run against the dollar.I don't want to be left in the backwash when Gilson realizes the company's going bankrupt.
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