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backwaterback‧wa‧ter /ˈbækwɔːtə $ -wɒːtər, -wɑː-/ noun [countable]  1 FARa very quiet place not influenced by outside events or new ideas – used to show disapproval a rural backwater2 DNa part of a river away from the main part, where the water does not move
Examples from the Corpus
backwaterInstead of being a backwater, they may in fact be an avant-garde.Surely this was nothing but a backwater to civilization?Overnight the bond market was transformed from a backwater into a casino.The urban street and the rural village are both, in their different ways, educational backwaters.It has been a forgotten backwater.Once an obscure backwater of the publishing business, computer books have gone mainstream.It is entirely possible that our backwater of a planet is literally the only one that has ever borne life.a sleepy backwater town
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