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bad/difficult/hard etc enough

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbad/difficult/hard etc enoughbad/difficult/hard etc enoughused to say that a situation is already bad and you do not want it to get any worse Life’s difficult enough without you interfering all the time. enough
Examples from the Corpus
bad/difficult/hard etc enoughEven a Patel, probably a Bhatt if I looked hard enough.She identified the problem not as trying too hard to live up to a domestic ideal but as not trying hard enough.That was going to be difficult enough anyway.This would be bad enough if California prisons were full of nothing but Charles Mansons.Since the cold war ended in 1988, they have worked hard enough to produce some kind of an economic miracle.The ties with the past difficult enough to sever already.It's bad enough trying to fly with unequal line lengths; having an asymmetric kite can be most frustrating!
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