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bad/ill feeling

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbad/ill feelingbad/ill feelingANGRYanger, lack of trust etc between people, especially after an argument or unfair decision The changes have caused a lot of ill feeling among the workforce. feeling
Examples from the Corpus
bad/ill feelingThere have been bad feelings between area residents and police.It's got bad feelings for me, this room.I have bad feelings for the smugglers, though.Even though Amelia participated so little in school activities, she harbored no ill feelings toward Hyde Park.Jane Blasio harbors no ill feelings toward Hicks.There is no bad feeling between us.It was the start of bad feeling between the two.I figure there had to be some bad feeling.I got a very bad feeling as we pitched into the bathroom and-fumbled for the mouthwash.
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