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bad lot/sort/type

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbad lot/sort/typebad lot/sort/typeBritish English old-fashionedBAD PERSON someone who is morally bad or cannot be trusted bad
Examples from the Corpus
bad lot/sort/typeDomestic violence is insanity of the worst sort.I left to live with a boyfriend, who turned out to be a bad lot.If so, San Diego was among the worst of a bad lot.He was a bad lot and it was just one of those things.And yes, I know, even as a spectator, I was condoning the worst sort of behavior.If they do not, they will be guilty of the worst sort of hypocrisy.But maybe that is the worst sort of wishful thinking.The city's school system, among the worst of a bad lot through the state, is full of squabbling.
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