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bad luck

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbad luckbad luckthe bad things that happen to someone by chance, not because of something they did I’ve had nothing but bad luck since I moved to this town. luck
Examples from the Corpus
bad luckBad luck, Paul. I'm sure you'll pass next time.Talk about bad luck! Last night Ray's car was broken into for the second time this month.Is it because such a meeting would bring bad luck or is there another reason?She seems to have nothing but bad luck when it comes to men.They believe it is bad luck.It was just bad luck that she happened to get sick that day.Despite their current run of bad luck, the Giants are drawing record crowds at Scottsdale Stadium.All that stood in the way of victory was a touch of bad luck.Only bad luck and poor finishing prevented Hibs from grabbing an equaliser.Oh what a shame. Bad luck Chris.It is your bad luck if the warren you choose to ferret is one of these.
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