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bad news

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbad newsbad newsspoken informalBAD PERSON someone or something that always causes trouble I’d avoid her if I were you. She’s bad news. bad
Examples from the Corpus
bad newsClanahan gave us the worse news.Now, ten years and three children later, he is finally convinced that another mouth to feed would be bad news.The bad news: A concussion that left Young woozy and knocked him out of the game.It's bad news, but it's true.The latest bad news came from a report released by the Book Industry Study Group.This theft can only be bad news for the preservation movement.I have some bad news - I think the water heater's not working.Rich foods are bad news if you're on a diet.Colin Anderson is still missing through suspension, and more bad news is that Owen Pickard is out injured.But the really bad news was that the post in question was an important insurance form.
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