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2 verb
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bag2 past tense and past participle bagged, present participle bagging [transitive]
1 to put things into bags:
He got a job bagging groceries.
2 informal to manage to get something that a lot of people want:
Try to bag a couple of seats at the front.
3 British English informal to score a goal or a point in sport:
Larsson bagged his thirtieth goal of the season in Celtic's win.
4 informal especially British EnglishDSO to kill or catch an animal or bird:
We bagged a rabbit.

be bagged and zip-tied

if prisoners are bagged and ziptied, bags are put over their heads and their hands are tied together

bag something ↔ up

phrasal verb
to put things into bags:
We bagged up the money before we closed the shop.

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