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baizebaize /beɪz/ noun [uncountable]  pool_table.jpg DGTIMthick cloth that is usually green, and is used to cover tables on which games such as pool are played
Examples from the Corpus
baizeNor were the crowd to be denied, for they tore the black baize cloth to shreds in their scramble for souvenirs.At the same time, away from the competitive baize, she was a loyal and warm-hearted personality.They returned with a huge roll of green baize which was then gently placed on top of the groaning air conditioner.Inferior to these, and lodged behind the green baize door, are the upper servants.Who is the people's choice on the green baize?He washed up and tidied up, and put the baize cover back on the table.Opposite her were two steps up to the baize door separating the kitchen quarters from the house.It was lined with baize, on which reposed row upon row of miniatures.
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