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balaclavabal‧a‧cla‧va /ˌbæləˈklɑːvə◂/ (also balaclava helmet) noun [countable]  DCCa warm hat made of wool, that covers your head and most of your face
Examples from the Corpus
balaclavaPolice are tonight examining a balaclava which was found near the scene.The offender entered the premises wearing a balaclava and told the sub-postmaster to open the safe.He was wearing a balaclava so all I could see was his eyes.Exhaled breath freezes wherever it touches, and balaclavas, scarves, beards and eyelashes become frosted.Instead, we played some strange game that culminated in cavorting naked in the snow except for boots, underpants and balaclavas.The girl had a black balaclava over her head, and her hands were handcuffed in front of her.A third man stood there; black tracksuit without insignia, balaclava mask covering the head.
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