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balance of power

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balance of powerˌbalance of ˈpower noun [singular]  PMa situation in which political or military strength is shared evenly The election of so many Republicans to Congress has changed the balance of power in Washington. A small centre party holds the balance of power (=is able to make either side more powerful than the other by supporting them) in the Assembly.
Examples from the Corpus
balance of powerThe process of economic development was accompanied by a balance of power between the crown and the landed nobility.There was a balance of power - but there had always been a balance of power.Case said these seemingly contradictory deals were simple exercises in economic balance of power.In the years that followed, achievements by one side or the other alternated, maintaining a precarious balance of power.The crisis changed the balance of power among the participants in the transformation process.The incident was a small measure of how the balance of power, and relevance, within Virgin had shifted.That decision shifted the balance of power away from Wall Street specialists.
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