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balance the budget

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbalance the budgetbalance the budgetBMONEYif a government balances the budget, they make the amount of money that they spend equal to the amount of money available balance
Examples from the Corpus
balance the budgetCongress may finally be forced to balance the budget.During his presidential campaign, he promised to balance the budget.But he and his Republican Congressional opponents have yet to decide on a seven-year plan to balance the budget.That would, of course, require deeper spending cuts in order to balance the budget.We can do both, give tax relief to families and balance the budget.Concern that White House and congressional negotiators were unable to reach an agreement to balance the budget helped send stocks plunging yesterday.Among all voters, Fabrizio found that two-thirds supported balancing the budget over cutting taxes.Talks aimed at agreeing on a plan to balance the budget within seven years are still taking place.
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