2 verb
balance2 S3
1 [intransitive and transitive] to be in or get into a steady position, without falling to one side or the other, or to put something into this position
balance something on something
She was balancing a plate of food on her knees.
balance on
He turned around, balancing awkwardly on one foot.
2 [intransitive and transitive] to be equal in importance, amount, value, or effect to something that has the opposite effect:
Job losses in manufacturing were balanced by job increases in the service sector.
just enough sugar to balance the acidity of the fruit
3 [transitive] to consider the importance of one thing in relation to something else when you are making a decision
balance something against something
The courts must balance our liberty against the security of the nation.

balance the budget

B if a government balances the budget, they make the amount of money that they spend equal to the amount of money available

balance the books

to show that the amount of money a business has received is equal to the amount spent

balance out

phrasal verb
if two or more things balance out, the final result is that they are equal in amount, importance, or effect:
Sometimes I look after the kids and sometimes John does - it all balances out.

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