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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbalancedbal‧anced /ˈbælənst/ ●●○ adjective  1 FAIRgiving equal attention to all sides or opinions syn faira balanced view/account a balanced account of what happened balanced reporting of the election campaignsee thesaurus at fair2 EQUALarranged to include things or people of different kinds in the right amounts a balanced programme of events the importance of a balanced diet (=one that is healthy because it contains the right foods in the right amounts) Nature is perfectly balanced.finely/delicately balanced (=very carefully balanced) soup with a delicately balanced flavor3 someone who is balanced is calm and sensible, and has good mental health opp unbalanced4 balanced budget
Examples from the Corpus
balanceda balanced account of the eventsHe said he felt balanced and at peace with his choices.a balanced approach to our transportation problemsIt gives a balanced diet, and protects against infections.You should continue to lead a healthy life, such as eating a balanced diet, taking exercise and keeping warm.As John remarks, a healthy, biologically balanced environment should require minimal maintenance and effort.For a complete and balanced meal they must be fed with an equal volume of canned food and mixer."Newsweek" gave a reasonably balanced report on the crisis.Your reference to balanced reporting is surprising, to say the least.Between the two lies balanced self-awareness.It is difficult, looking back, to form a balanced view of the condition of all these working people.Recently historians have taken a far more balanced view of the Irish question.a balanced view/accountA sober, intimate portrait of Bernhardt rather than a straight biography, her book presents a balanced view.In short, people are taking a balanced view.Hence, it is necessary to achieve a balanced view of Duck and the poets who followed him.Only in this way can any future generations gain a balanced view of society in our time.It is difficult, looking back, to form a balanced view of the condition of all these working people.Perhaps one final vignette can move us closer to a balanced view of the Hooligan's weaponry.This could be an argument against a pegged rate but a balanced view would have to take account of the other policies.a balanced dietIt is important to have a balanced diet.So, how do you make this change and ensure a balanced diet?The women featured in the article are reducing their risk of chronic disease by exercising and by eating a balanced diet.It is sensible to give the carp a balanced diet for we want the carp to do well on our baits.Bob's idea of a balanced diet left something to be desired.Making sure of a balanced diet means, essentially, eating a selection of different foods, with no one type predominating.The first slide showed a normal-size mouse eating a balanced diet of lab food pellets.Fried bologna for Dooley with double mustard, and no sermons about a balanced diet, please.