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balanced budget

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbalanced budgetbalanced budgetwhen a government is not spending more money than it has available balanced
Examples from the Corpus
balanced budgetHis proposals disappeared in the fight over a balanced budget.In his speech, Dole specifically endorsed only one of them, an amendment mandating a balanced budget.One of the earliest votes of the Congress is expected to be on a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget.Any balanced budget amendment has to have some exceptions and some implementation provisions.And this probably explains why the balanced budget amendment to the Constitution seemed to be in trouble last week.Previous efforts to mandate term limits and balanced budgets and to outlaw flag-burning failed in Congress.
From Longman Business Dictionarybalanced budgetˌbalanced ˈbudgetACCOUNTINGFINANCE a budget in which no more is spent than is receivedNew York state has failed to achieve a balanced budget in six of the past eight years. budget
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