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balancing/juggling act

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbalancing/juggling actbalancing/juggling acta situation in which you are trying to do several different types of work at the same time act
Examples from the Corpus
balancing/juggling actFor today's time-stressed parents, each day becomes a juggling act.Such a balancing act could keep his government in being only by increasing his own reputation for lack of principle.But all face an awkward balancing act.The question now facing voters is which approach is likely to achieve the best balancing act.But it's a crucial balancing act where you have to prioritise on a daily basis.Now that balancing act has become more precarious than ever.Neither half of that balancing act has yet met with success.The question humankind must ask is whether the balancing act the president suggests is enough to stave off global devastation.Using political power to reduce market inequalities requires a high-wire balancing act.
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