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balconybal‧co‧ny /ˈbælkəni/ ●●○ noun (plural balconies) [countable]  1 TBBa structure that you can stand on, that is attached to the outside wall of a building, above ground level Has your flat got a balcony?2 APTthe seats upstairs at a theatrestalls
Examples from the Corpus
balconyThe twin bedded rooms have private shower-rooms, and some have a balcony.All bedrooms are twin with private bathroom; some with a balcony.Room with garden view and balcony £8.25.The theater on the $ 320 million vessel was designed in the style of an outdoor amphitheater, with cantilevered balconies.The boiler burst and the balcony was declared unsafe.One of his neighbours finds water dripping from the balcony above along her ceiling and out near her electric fire.Karen risked a glance over the balcony wall.She took it out to the balcony to drink it and think.
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