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baldingbald‧ing /ˈbɔːldɪŋ $ ˈbɒːl-/ adjective  DCBa balding man is losing the hair on his head a balding man in his mid-thirties
Examples from the Corpus
baldingJohnny was a show-off - a balding braggart who was later proved to be a liar.It showed a large, plump man, already balding but with a pink, childlike face.If these emotions stirred under the stubbly balding crown, Charlie showed none of them.The balding ex-quality systems audit manager stayed silent for a three-minute hearing at London's Marylebone court.a balding, heavyset manHe was fastidious about his hair, which he grew long and lacquered in place over a balding pate.Willi padded round the room with his basket, a balding, rubicund Eliza Doolittle.And it was more than just the light reflected from their balding, silvery heads.The organiser was an earnest man in his late twenties, prematurely balding with a hissing laugh.
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