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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbaldlybald‧ly /ˈbɔːldli $ ˈbɒːld-/ adverb  HONESTin a way that is true but makes no attempt to be polite syn bluntly ‘I’m not coming, ’ Rosa said baldly next morning at breakfast.
Examples from the Corpus
baldlyBarley is much too astute to state this baldly, but it informs his every strategy as author.Yet he could forget his learning too, baldly enjoying the phenomena produced.How quickly he was able to lie, how baldly, quick and bald, and it lifted his spirit.Heather suggested baldly that Ms. Lane was mentally unstable.There's something baldly there about him which inclines me, like Kevin, to distrust anything he says.And what they all display, rather too baldly though highly effectively, is the simple economic importance of the Ocean.
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