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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbalefulbale‧ful /ˈbeɪlfəl/ adjective literary  ANGRYexpressing anger, hatred, or a wish to harm someone a baleful lookbalefully adverb
Examples from the Corpus
balefulNo one spoke during the journey, which was marked by two events, one of them baleful.It will be difficult for him to be baleful about the Millennium.Sandy is played by Cindy Lou, a statuesque and baleful creature with presence and a truly impressive amount of facial hair.Rusty looked out with a baleful eye from the front page.Local people can still recall the baleful glow in the night as the mill blazed.The land bucked and heaved like a terrified horse and a storm of baleful magic raced over the land.After a few minutes, Blanche seemed to sense Dexter's baleful mood, checked her watch and stood up to go.
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