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ball and chain

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishball and chainˌball and ˈchain noun [singular]  1 something that limits your freedom and stops you from doing what you want to do The lower-tech side of the business was seen as a ball and chain.2 a heavy metal ball on a chain, tied to a prisoner’s legs, to stop the prisoner from escaping
Examples from the Corpus
ball and chainLike a couple of convicts bound together by a ball and chain, neither could betray the other without exposing himself.This belief was like a ball and chain for the allied war effort.You may be surprised to find that she doesn't want to shackle you with a ball and chain.And walked back to the hotel minus her ball and chain.At which point she unlocked her ball and chain.Even after he had clubbed it to death it was part of him, his ball and chain.If her grandfather removed the ball and chain, he wrote, would she visit?
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