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ballooningbal‧loon‧ing /bəˈluːnɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  DSOTTAthe sport of flying in a balloon
Examples from the Corpus
ballooningUnconventional sports, such as hang-gliding and hot-air ballooning, also continue to attract large numbers of students.Local Activities: Walks, golf, tennis, horse-riding, hot-air ballooning, cycling.Alternatively, try wild-water rafting or surfing; and for stunning views, hot air ballooning.A person who is scared of ballooning will nearly always fly the aircraft on to the ground instead of making well held-off landings.Sister Zoe jerked around, her full black skirt ballooning as she hurried to my side.Indeed, they can barely manage even to run, for they have only soft ballooning tubes to serve as stumpy legs.The danger here is that this ballooning could cut off the emergency cooling water altogether.There are two approaches to ballooning.
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